I want to help you navigate the cosmically vast rabbit hole that is learning the 13 Moon Calendar!

If you're here, then you must be interested in learning the 13 Moon Calendar. Maybe you're just starting and have already taken a stab at self-study, only to find yourself a bit overwhelmed with how vast a topic it is. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Or, maybe you've been surfing the waves of the synchronometer for quite a while already, but would like to strengthen your fundamentals.

Whatever your level of understanding of the 13 Moon Calendar, I want to help you see that applying something as far out as the fourth-dimensional codes of the synchronic order(!!!) is a practical and interactive experience that ANYBODY can do.

That's why I've created a course and educational community for folks just like you who'd like to get on with it!

My promise to you: By the time you have completed this self-paced course, you will have all the tools you need to confidently use the 13 Moon Calendar for directly experiencing and exploring a vast and multidimensional reality each and every day.

Here's what students are saying:

The course is super well done, clear and enjoyable. I have been using the 13 Moon Calendar for years, but it has not always been easy to communicate how important it is to friends and family. Since this course offers every day application, I knew it was right for me.

Patrizia Kin 73

I personally love it! The explanation and presentation is easy to understand. I love the way Jacob teaches us how this calendar can be used in daily life to make us more aware of ourselves!

Anita C.

Thanks so much for for presenting yourself so widely and honestly and above all for your generosity. It’s not easy learn a complex and so sophisticated thing ... So, step by step I hope to find myself more prepared to dive into the deep ocean of a new cosmic mind and a new more natural life. Your experience and your advice will be a part of that and I thank you!

Elena Galactic Wizard

Your classes really help me understand and appreciate the basics of the 13 Moon Calendar. It can be overwhelming sometimes because there’s so much information … “info overload”, lol. You make learning so enjoyable, interesting and simple to understand. I’ve been studying it for 2 years now and just couldn’t make sense of it and doesn’t feel the sense of connect. It was just a topic of interest for me. Thanks so much for enlightening me. I now believe that the 13 Moon Calendar gives more depth, purpose and meaning to my existence and I feel in sync with the universe. Thanks and more power to you.

Connie Galactic Sun

I’ve started my practice with the 13 Moon Calendar … As the result, synchronicity is becoming more tangible and precision is easier to achieve in creative work.


What a great value you provide! I have renewed clarity and inspiration to continue my journey alongside the 13 Moon Calendar.

Pam T.

Who am I? I'm Jacob Rhythmic Dragon

And this here is a magical (maybe overly-magical?) picture of my grinning face. Anyway! I've been studying and using the 13 Moon Calendar every day since 2002.

Around 2003 or so I became the Director of Communications for the Foundation for the Law of Time. So, ever since then I've been in close contact with lots and lots of lovely people from all over the world who want to learn the 13 Moon Calendar.

And, like most people, when I first learned about the 13 Moon Calendar I had an intuitive sense that there was something interesting here, but I just didn't know where to start! Not to toot my own horn, but I wish a course like this existed back then!

I've created thirteen interactive lessons for you. And each lesson gives you something you can DO to APPLY what you learned!

1. Re-Thinking Time: What is it Really?
Time is fundamental to our experience as human beings with self-reflective consciousness.

2. A Calendar is a Programming Device
Isn't it just a way to keep track of what day we are in? I'll show you how a calendar is much more than that!

3. Introducing the Galactic Spin
The latticework keeping the whole 13 Moon Calendar system multidimensionally anchored.

4. From Calendar to Synchronometer
Synchro-what?! Synchronometer means "measure of synchronicity", a radically different use of a "calendar".

5. Body in Time: The Holon
Your fourth-dimensional "body in time". Connecting our bodies to the cycles of time.

6. The Six Mental Spheres
A profound yet simple tool for organizing the many and varied types of consciousness we can experience.

7. The Mind of the Earth
Introducing the noosphere: Another key concept to understand for daily use of the 13 Moon Calendar.

8. Key Cycles within the Galactic Spin
Looking deeper into the 260-day Galactic Spin and its many sub-cycles.

9. Key Cycles within the 13 Moon Year
Looking deeper into the 13 Moon/28-day year cycle and its sub-cycles.

10. Planets and the Solar System
Since this is all about connecting with the larger universal life, of course we need a new view of our context in the universe: a planet in a solar system...

11. The Fifth Force Oracle
An interactive tool to enrich your use of the 13 Moon Calendar to further explore your unfolding day to day experience, and your relationships in new ways!

12. More Cycles in the Galactic Spin
Yes indeedy! More cycles! Cycles within cycles is what it's all about to bring our consciousness into a multidimensionally rich New Time.

13. Bringing it All Together
Formulating your own daily practice. Applying it every day for self-empowerment. Giving yourself the tools with which to have new insight, perspective and, hey, even magic!

Jacob has helped thousands of people learn the 13 Moon Calendar. He is a patient and thorough teacher, who can provide the necessary framework to empower you to discover the magic of this system. His unique skills come from 10 years of having worked for and studied directly with Jose Arguelles. I highly recommend his 13 Moon Calendar Essentials course for beginners or anyone wanting to refresh their knowledge.

Stephanie South, Creative Director
Foundation for the Law of Time

I am fairly new to this, and have been reading everything I can get my hands on, which can sometimes lead to information overload! So, I really appreciate having a structured way to begin to learn this vast topic. I love the interactive workbooks and being able to ask a question right within the course. And I really appreciate your speedy replies!

Marcia G., 13 Moon Calendar Essentials Student

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12 month calendar* we all know:
The 12-month calendar has months that vary every year. With some months starting in the middle or end of a week, and ending at the beginning of the week, etc.
*Actual years may will vary.

13 Moon Synchronometer:
The 13 Moon Calendar consists of 13 perfect months of 28 days each. Every 28-day month is exactly 4 weeks
Every year. Forever.

One is just a silly and garbled-up (but unquestioned!) calendar. The other is a practical, consistent template for experiencing multidimensional synchronicity...